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  • Includes a built-in universal skid steer quick attach plate

  • 10 foot reach allows you to pour over obstacles and keeps your machine a safe distance from trenches

  • Holds a half yard concrete charge

  • Empty weight: 450 lbs.

  • Light and rugged HDPE body is practically indestructible

  • Tube steel frame is strong and light, and provides stiffness to prevent sway

  • Powder coating resists corrosion and stands up to the elements

  • Rear clean-out hatch makes clean up easy

  • Rounded chute allows for precise placement of material 

  • Operated by a three-man crew including a skid steer driver, a rear guide for the driver, and a man at the muzzle to direct the pour

  • Saves your crew and lets the machine do the heavy lifting

  • Operates up to 150F/66C

  • Recommended minimum skid steer lift capacity of 2500 lbs

The Frog

SKU: Frog-2017
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