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The newly patented FROG mobile concrete chute is the perfect skid steer attachment solution for pouring concrete where the ready-mix truck cannot reach.  The FROG out-performs concrete buckets, concrete buggies, and men with wheelbarrows hands down.  Inventor Dominic Frisina envisioned a more cost-effective and efficient solution to deliver concrete. The revolutionary FROG is that solution. 

Save Tim With Concrete Projects

Our Vision

You have heard it said, "Time is money!"

This is especially true in pouring concrete across rough muddy terrain, and hard to reach areas where a concrete truck just cannot go. The physical demand on the crew from muscling wheelbarrows over rough ground all day long also costs contractors in workman's comp claims and call-offs.

The Frog concrete pouring skid steer attachment allows you to do the same work in a fraction of the time, with a smaller crew, and with an unmatched reach of up to ten feet from the skid steer. 

The Frog is a game changer.  This concrete pouring skid steer attachment requires only three men to pour concrete.  And, finishing the job in as fast as a third of time means the concrete truck's crew spends less time on-site.


Contractors can focus on getting jobs done faster, more efficiently, and far more economical than ever before. The Frog concrete pouring skid steer attachment saves time, saves on labor costs, and most importantly increases your profits! Being able to cut pouring time in half or better is a win for everyone involved!

Our Company


The Frog concrete pouring skid steer attachment is a family venture.  Frog Attachments, LLC was founded by entrepreneur and inventor Dominic C. Frisina along with his son Dominic A. Frisina (President and General Counsel), a patent and intellectual property attorney; and, youngest son Joe Frisina (VP), heading up management, sales, and logistics. The Frisina family is committed to bringing a superior product to the concrete pouring skid steer attachment market while providing the highest quality customer service. 

Together the Frisina family's knowledge and experience in construction and development have led them to The Frog solution. A product that has exceeded its goals of productivity, efficiency, and economic savings.

Concrete Pouring Skit Steer Attachment
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